Frank Gehry Tries His Hand at Curating a Ceramics Exhibition


Outside of architecture, Frank Gehry has occasionally dabbled in other things, like designing chairs, making jewelry for Tiffany’s, and acting as an unpaid spokesmodel for those “F*&k Frank Gehry” shirts from a few years back. Now he can add “curator” to his resume, as this weekend marked the opening of his exhibition, “Frank Gehry Selects: A Group Show of Ceramics” at the Frank Lloyd Gallery in Santa Barbara, California. Gehry’s interest in ceramics predates his focused involvement in architecture, starting when he took a class in college and his professor, the artist Glen Lukens, recognized his talent and enthusiasm for building and design. Since then, and in apparent honor of Lukens, Gehry has remained a collector and champion of ceramics, some of his collection (and pieces of his own work) now finding its way into this exhibition that will run until August 21st. Here’s a bit:

This exhibition grew out of a conversation between Frank Lloyd and Frank Gehry. It started as a casual idea, and grew into an exhibition — works chosen by Gehry, by people that he knows and respects. It marks an opportunity to see a variety of approaches to ceramic art, in a selection by a world-class architect. The exhibit also demonstrates, once again, the integration of the ceramic arts into the larger world of Southern California art and architecture.

For more reading, here’s the LA Times talking to both Lloyd and Gehry about the exhibition.