Framehaus offers high contrast color filters and frames for iOS photos

Image via Hi Mom

With a motto of “memories deserve design,” Framehaus from Hi Mom looks to change the way iOS photographers edit and enhance their photos. The app allows users to choose from a variety of high contrast color overlays and geometric frames to create new versions of their pictures, ready for uploading on Instagram.

Framehaus is free to download on iOS, and offers an in-app camera as well as camera roll imports. Photos are automatically squared, but they can be moved, or can be altered via pinch to zoom.

The app offers 10 free frames to choose from, from stripes that make photos look like they’ve been spliced together from multiple pieces, to those that block out sections of photos with circles and rectangles. Another 50 frames are available via a one-time in-app purchase of $0.99.

Users can combine these frames with one of eight classic photo filters, or with intense color filters that wash a picture in one single color. Users have to choose between color or classic filters, but they can instantly swap between these options to find the look they like best. The app also allows users to stop editing whenever they like; that is, if a frame is all that’s needed, the app doesn’t force users to also apply a filter, and vice versa.

Once a photo is finished, it can be saved to a device’s camera roll, shared through email, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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