Fraggle Rock 30th Birthday Celebrated with App

App developer Cupcake Digital and The Jim Henson Company are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Jim Henson’s classic children’s show Fraggle Rock with a new app called Fraggle Friends Forever.

The $3.99 app, which is available from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Nook,  includes interactive stories based on the original characters and story lines. Users can tap to trigger animations on every page, as well as interact with games, color and work on puzzles. Here is more from Cupcake Digital’s website:

When Boober comes face to face with a very big, very hungry, very ticklish Slurp, he realizes that a Fraggle has to do what a Fraggle has to do. Can Boober save the Great Hall? And will his friends arrive in time to help?

Follow this link to check out a video demo of the new app.