Fragegg is a New Social Gaming Portal with Its Own Virtual Currency

New flavors of MMOs have been popping up in droves over the last couple of years. From Night Elves to Jedi, and from Legos to Conan, the genre has expanded in all shapes and sizes.

Now, is the newest social gaming portal to emerge for the popular MMO scene. With customizable avatars, users can create their account and socialize with other players through social feeds, walls, comments, and more. Somewhat similar to other social gaming platforms like Raptr, Fragegg informs players of other users’ activity within the games.

Fragegg supports both browser and client-based MMO games, ranging from the most obscure to the most mainstream (i.e. World of Warcraft). As users play the games, they earn a virtual currency on the site called Staregg.

The addition of this currency adds another level of depth to the already addictive nature of many of these games. Fragegg provides a guide on its website listing the values of the currency. As an example, if someone plays the game Dark Orbit for the first time, they will earn 150 in Staregg. If they earn an “achievement” in World of Warcraft, they will earn half that achievement value in Staregg.

Using their Staregg currency, players can improve their avatars by purchasing various items and clothes. Since each avatar begins in nothing but their skivvies, there’s plenty of motivation to obtain the items. Fragegg should expand the number of items available, and it likely will. Some of the cool items already available include panda outfits and Darth Vader costumes.

As it only hit beta in March, the site is still very new. But due to the highly addictive nature of virtual goods and currency, combined with the addictive nature of many of the MMOs it supports (like World of Warcraft), Fragegg could mature into a popular platform.