Fraced Wants to Bring Sociality, Locality and Simplicity Together

With the so many location-based social networking sites with all their complex features and back-end features, it’s a good thing that Fraced wants to change that by offering a simple social networking site. And as saturated as the social industry is, Fraced simplicity could propel its popularity and wide use in the long run.

Fraced is a location-based social networking that lets you to stay simply connected with your friends. What striked me, while reading about is its admission of not offering too many features, but instead is focusing to offer the basic thing – communication between friends.

And as such, Fraced lets you create a public profile as a way to let your friends know the latest information about you. Through a visual mapping technology, Fraced lets you find out where your friends are around globe. You can view their profiles through Fraced as well.

In addition also lets you send messages to your friends, no matter where they are located, post pictures of just about anything (except pornography of course), create and maintain your own blog, and add YouTube videos into your Fraced profile.

Fraced is relatively young startup. But like we said, its simplicity might actually drive it towards the mainstream and gain the popularity and user base that it deserves.