FOX’s Glenn Beck Turns Into an Art Critic, Warns Us About Rockefeller Plaza’s Various Evils

Hot off the heals of Rush Limbaugh deciding that Barack Obama‘s new health care logo was nothing more than a redesigned Nazi symbol, we find another media personality making an even more absurd claim. This time around, it’s everyone’s favorite screamer Glenn Beck, who last night decided to expose the fascist/communist art at Rockefeller Plaza in New York, thus explaining that both NBC, the Rockefeller family, and everyone else who happens to pass by the building is a raving communist and/or fascist (probably both). Enjoy:

After that blindingly ignorant art lesson, if you need a quick return to reality, we recommend reading Tyler Green‘s response to Beck, which utilizes facts. If we can just add: when did we revert back to 1967? We’re back to being afraid of communism now? For reals?