Fox’s Friedman Banned From Cruise’s Comeback

Fox News’ Roger Friedman, an able-bodied film raconteur if ever there was one, has been banned from screenings of Tom Cruise’s new film, “Valkyrie,” apparently for…saying bad things.

Now, Friedman has never been an ardent fan of Cruise or his Scientological leanings, but the Fox journo has long written about him, his wife Katie, his daughter Suri and his ex-wives who are too numerous to name.

But it’s a bit of a surprise that Friedman, who is a fixture on the premiere and screening lists in New York, would ever be banned. Chastised, even reprimanded, but not banned. Friedman himself tried to appeal to PR firm 42 West and United Artists (whose chairman is Cruise himself) to no avail. They only sent out an indiscriminate email saying: Get lost.

Friedman resignedly accepts the ban, but maintains he’ll be in line first thing Christmas morning (when it opens) with pen in hand. In the meantime, he’s posted bits of former Variety critic Emanuel Levy’s pan of the film, which is pretty juicy.

“This is a Hollywood star vehicle, designed for Cruise (who’s also a producer) as a comeback of sorts, since his career as a major player seems to be over. (Cruise’s nomination this week for a Supporting Actor Golden Globe Award, by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, for his eccentric turn in the rude comedy “Tropic Thunder” might signal a transition to secondary roles.)”


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