Now Cutting Own MSNBC Clips

We’ve written about before — including its indiscriminate use of clips.

But now it appears it’s found a way to avoid using other network’s video altogether — cut them as a clip.

On the front page of TheFoxNation right now is the headline: “NBC News: New Low! Tell Us What You Think!” The link is a clip of a segment of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, where Olbermann says former Pres. Reagan is “dead, and he was a lousy President.” There is no other part of the video except the Countdown segment.

The clip, which appeared on today, is actually from an Olbermann’s “Worst Persons” on April 22. Why posted it today is not clear — in fact, Olbermann said the exact same thing about Reagan on Tuesday.

Either way, it’s now up to the Fox Nation to decide whether this statement is a “new low” for “NBC News.”