Fox On Anderson Cooper: ‘The Paris Hilton Of Television News’

paris_cooper_foxcnn.jpgIn its burgeoning war of words with Anderson Cooper, Fox News is pulling out the verbal equivalent of a nuclear warhead: Paris Hilton.

After Anderson Cooper slammed Fox News for its loose journalism in covering the Barack Obama school story on the air, FNC spokesman Irena Briganti responded, calling Cooper’s move “yet another cry for attention by the Paris Hilton of television news, Anderson Cooper.” Fox is now running a print ad with the Paris crack, and talking about the ad on the air.

CNN’s response?

Roger is apparently spinning out of control over the ratings. Before Anderson Cooper took over the 10pm time slot Fox News had a 174% lead in the demo (Aug. 05). Now it is a mere 21% in Jan. 07. As usual, Fox can’t get the facts quite right. Anderson just beat Greta Thursday night. CNN says Anderson beat Greta 40 times in the demo last year, and three times in January. CNN also points to awards — A Peabody, DuPont, and three Emmys for 360 in 2006. Greta Van Susteren? Zero.


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