Karl Rove is ‘Gross Egg That Has a Head Cold’

If you haven’t watched Karl Rove attempt to throw a giant rotten peach at Fox News’ election coverage Tuesday night, do yourself a favor and watch it here, thanks to Politico.

Rove had predicted that Mitt Romney would handily win the presidential election and threw a toddler-sized tantrum when it started to look like he was wrong. Fox News called Ohio for Barack Obama and instead of commenting on the win, Rove stabbed Fox News in the back by saying that they were calling it prematurely. It. Was. Awkward. It got so weird that Megyn Kelly got up, left the set, and went back into the bowels of Fox News to talk to the Decision Desk, a crew of smart white men navigating the numbers.

Naturally, Rove’s performance elicited reaction from journalists and here we give you the best offerings…

For many tweeters, this was THE media moment of the night. Here’s just a sampling of the reaction. HuffPost’s Arthur Delaney says, “It comes to this: Karl Rove is Sore Loserman.” As Rove dug himself deeper in a hole, Politico’s Kate Nocera tweeted, “Rove is working hard for the money right now,” while Ryan Lizza of CNN and The New Yorker said, “Fox hosts starting to treat Rove like slightly crazy person.”

When Rove actually began arguing with the mathematicians at the Decision Desk, Daily Beast’s David Frum excitedly tweeted, “OK this is amazing: Fox News about to unskew its own decision desk!”

But thankfully it wasn’t just the Washington media paying attention. Standup comic Dave Anthony said, “Karl Rove is now in math prison,” while fellow standup and radio host, Jake Fogelnest said, “Karl Rove looks like a gross egg that has a head cold.”

While Rove continued to whine about the results, Slate’s Dave Weigel actually tweeted a picture of Ohio’s GOP victory party, which was — of course — completely empty.