Fox News Sunday Celebrates 20 Years

MTP sends them champagne.

They may be ratings competitors, but Fox News Sunday celebrated its 20th anniversary this Sunday with some champagne (Veuve Clicquot, it appears) sent over by the folks from NBC’s Meet the Press.

Chris Wallace, who has been the moderator of FNS since 2003, and who is a past host of Meet the Press (1987-88), looked back on some of his favorite Fox News Sunday moments during yesterday’s show:

You get to talk to the most interesting people in the world, ask tough questions, and see what happens. I’ve been chewed out by one president, and went to Camp David to interview another. And there was Vladimir Putin, who seemed amused by the kind of questions he doesn’t get asked in the Kremlin. … I had an unforgettable interview with my dad [the late newsman Mike Wallace], which we put aside the wisecracks and said what we meant to each other.

There was also cake.