Fox News Still Wants to Host That Democratic Primary Debate

Clinton and Sanders each get a letter.

Fox News has still not given up on the idea of hosting a Democratic primary debate, reports Erik Wemple.

While public pressure has come previously in the form of Fox News hosts, with Bret Baier asking for a debate during an interview with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Chris Wallace in an interview with Bernie Sanders, this time, as we run out of time for a debate, the pressure comes in the form of letters from Washington managing editor and vp Bill Sammon, sent to both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Here’s part of Sanders’ letter, c/o Wemple:

Democrats have not debated on Fox News for the last 12 years. By ending that dry spell, perhaps the party can bring some sense of closure to this long and robust primary season. In the process, you and Secretary Clinton will reach a vast number of viewers–many of whom are certainly open to persuasion – just as we pivot to the general election.

The request is for a debate to be held before California’s June 7 primary, leaving not much time. The would-be moderators? Baier, Wallace and Megyn Kelly, of course.