Fox News Sticks with Statement After Hack Attack

In the hours after a Fox News’ Twitter account was hacked, both Fox and Twitter have stuck with their statements on the issue, declining to elaborate any further.

A group called “Script Kiddies” cracked the @FoxNewsPolitics account and sent tweets stating that President Obama had been assassinated. (He spent the weekend with his family in Camp David.) There is a statement online now, with a comment from Fox New Digital’s VP Jeff Misenti stating that they’ve asked Twitter for further details and preventative measures.

Other than that, The New York Times says Fox News offered no other comment regarding Twitter’s explanation of what happened.

Twitter has stayed mostly quiet except for a couple of tweets reminding people that they don’t comment on individual accounts and that they do have a page with security suggestions.

AllTwitter takes Twitter to task for its slow response, taking about 10 hours to regain control and delete the tweets. We agree, particularly in light of the gravity of the tweets that were sent and, ultimately, passed around, and the growing number of attacks that have been reported.

And, with Fox News’ known opposition to many aspects of the Obama administration, one would’ve thought that they would come out with more details besides the initial statement. However, Secret Service involvement may be a factor in both companies’ decisions not to elaborate further.

About two weeks ago, we advised PR teams to get their clients’ crisis plans in order in the event of a hack. On today’s Morning Media Menu, GalleyCat’s Jason Boog suggested changing the passwords on a Twitter account with some frequency, which is definitely a good idea. Our friends at 10,000 Words have added four more suggestions to both prevent and react to an attack, including keeping a short list of people with access to your account.

Do you have any further tips for dealing with and preparing for a possible attack? Our comments section and @PRNewser is open.