Fox News & Kim Hume

What we’ve learned re: Kim Hume’s departure from Fox News…

  • She has decided to step down as the Washington bureau chief after the midterm elections.

  • Bruce Becker will serve as the interim bureau chief at that point.

  • John Moody addressed the bureau today…a reader emailed us some of his and Kim’s comments:

      Moody: “Kim came up to visit me a couple of months ago … Unfortunately she told me that she did not want to continue as Washington bureau chief. It was two edged sword. She is certainly going to do whatever it is she chooses to do with the grace and dignity that she has maintained here at Fox … I want to be direct and clear. This was Kim’s decision. She decided to leave. I also know when she makes a decision, it is one that is well thought out. At my request, she will stay on through midterm elections. There is no impetus to get her out. After the elections, Bruce will become acting bureau chief.”

      Hume: “I made this decision in May and it was a wrenching decision but I’m at peace with it. I have had a terrific career and the time spent at Fox was the crowning achievement. I needed to do this job . . . I’ve achieved the dream and I need to move on other dreams. “

  • And, of course, what about Brit?