Fox News & CNN Launching In High Def

0904cooper.jpgNow in HDTV form…

A race is on between CNN and Fox News to corner the HD news channel market:

  • CNN HD launched operations on Saturday, September 1. The only problem is that noone is able to show the channel.

  • DirecTV is slated to carry CNN HD but will not be able to until their DirecTV 10 satellite becomes fully functional in mid-September.

  • CNN HD’s programming will be limited. Initially, only shows from CNN’s New York studios including Anderson Cooper 360, Lou Dobbs Tonight and American Morning will be show in HD. However, CNN will broadcast this fall’s presidential debates in HD.

  • Fox News is struggling to catch up. Fox News HD is planning a late September launch and has already arranged for broadcast on DirecTV.

    Meanwhile, in honor of those HDTV Presidential debates, here’s a (super freakin’ outdated) 2008 HDTV Presidential Forecast! featuring that up-and-coming Republican George Allen.