Fox News Chief Disses Cooper, O’Brien, Anyone Not Associated With Fox News


“Firing poison darts at his cable-news competitors” during press sessions, Fox News boss Roger Ailes has been on a — dare-we-say — Keith Olbermann-like tear.

Via the Miami Herald:

  • About two-thirds of the 150 critics left the room before Ailes took the stage, several of them openly voicing their scorn for what they say is Fox News’ conservative spin.
  • “Fox News is doing pretty well,” Ailes said with a sly smile, noting that many of the critics who forecast the channel’s doom were “sitting in their hotel rooms right now”
  • When a critic asked him to promise “that you’re not planning to inject [Miami’s local Fox affiliate] with that same Fox attitude,” Ailes jeered. “What are you worried about? That we’re going to do fair and balanced reporting at the local stations?”
  • “We haven’t spent $20 million marketing a single star, as one of our competitors has, although not their top-rated star, which I found interesting,” said Ailes in a clear reference to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.
  • “One of my competitors spent three days on Cyprus trying to find somebody who didn’t like the government because the plane was four hours late and they didn’t get a candy bar in line,” he said, jabbing at a lengthy report by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien on the evacuation of U.S. citizens from Beirut. “I thought that was not where the story was.”

    Fox News’ Ailes says he’s just getting started [Miami Herald]