Fox News Channel to Debut Android App

FNCcom_4.16.jpgFox News Channel will release an Android app Wednesday, joining news outlets The New York Times and NPR on the Google platform and getting there ahead of cable news rivals CNN and MSNBC, Silicon Alley Insider reported.

The cable network already offered an iPhone app, and its Android app will contain similar features including video from Fox News shows, breaking news alerts, live radio, and social-networking capabilities, according to Silicon Alley Insider.

Fox News vice president for digital sales and business development Jeremy Steinberg told Silicon Alley Insider:

We were thrilled with the success of the iPhone app, and we’ve seen an uptick in the adoption of the Android platform, so we decided to rush this thing out because we think it’s a big opportunity to touch a new market. The market for mobile advertising is heating up. I’m feeling excited about the prospects over the next 18 months for the mobile industry.