Fox Mobile, Orange Ink Content Deal

Orange has struck a deal with Fox Mobile’s distribution unit (FMD) that allows the operator to offer FMD’s aggregated content, along with content created by Fox Mobile Studios, to its 117 million customers in some 30 countries.

The arrangement makes available goodies from Fox brands like The Simpsons; Fox Mobile Studios original characters such as the Snuggle Bunny and Howie Heart and licensed content from third-party brands. Subscribers can access the Fox apps, videos, ringtones, wallpapers, games and themes through the Orange World portal.

Fox is crowing that the Orange customers will also be among the first to try their hands at mobile magic through FMD’s exclusive offering of mobile magic tricks from Trixcell.

For Orange, the new partnership means more popular content for its subscribers. For FMD, it means increased reach plus a move in its desired direction of closer relationship with mobile operators.