FOX Host Suggests School Nutrition Causes ‘Mental Problems’

Hyperbole much?

completely-differentAnnnnnnnd now for something completely different!

The New York City Board of Health has some new rules for daycare centers. Among those rules are limitations on the amount of juice each child can have in one day (imagine poor kids crawling over to the refrigerator with the shakes because they are jonesin’ for some Sunny D).

Good thing the NYC Board of Health stepped in. You know, for the children and all.

Under the new rules, day cares can only give 100 percent juice to children 2 years and older and it can only be up to 4 ounces a day. The old rules allowed babies as young as 8 months to drink up to 6 ounces of juice a day.

This story got FOX News host and Gawker/Jezebel foil Andrea Tantaros very hot under the starched collar, as she shared barbs with Bill O’ Reilly about this heinous act of self-indulgence.

“But the road to hell is often paved with good intentions, Bill,” Tantaros opined. “I think they are well intentioned. They want to get kids healthy, but we’re hearing reports of kids being hungry at the school, that this is causing mental problems.”

“I mean, I’m flashing back to the days when we had the presidential fitness award and they would weigh us all in school,” she continued. “It’s pretty traumatizing, especially if you’re the fat kid.”

Somewhere there is a psychiatrist throwing a Sigmund Freud bobblehead at the TV. Stay strong out there.