“Fox & Friends” Plays Newlywed Game with Romneys

Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” had former Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, on their show again this morning. The couple has appeared on the show for the past two mornings.

On Tuesday morning Ann opened up about having breast cancer. Wednesday morning was noticeably lighter as the high school sweethearts sat on a love seat and played “The Newlywed Game.” The couple has been married for 40 years.

While it was tough to see the placards the Romneys held up and the game didn’t follow strict rules, the couple did reveal some things about themselves.

Q. “Does Ann call you Mitt, Willard or something else?
Romney: “Or stupid?”

(Yes, yes, She calls him Mitt.)

Q. Is Ann an introvert or an extrovert?
This is where things semi-jokingly fell apart a little. Romney: “She’s become an extrovert. When I met her she was very, very shy.”

Ann disagreed: “I would just as soon be in the barn with my horses.”

Romney, who is considered a leading GOP presidential contender in 2012, when asked about “family values” said: “Of course values are going to be important, but I don’t think family is going to be the rallying cry in 2012.”