FOX Confuses Books, TV, and Prosititution


Now that the Simpson book and interview have been shelved, FBLA wants to know what went wrong, exactly.
Jon Fine, writing in Business Week, thinks that News Corp. forgot the vital difference between books and TV. His thought:

I bet that had Fox dropped the plans for the TV tie-in, the book would have been published through its HarperCollins imprint. Enough booksellers would have weathered the outcry. (And outcry always equals sales.)

FBLA thinks that Fine might be right but, the double whammy of Judith Regan and Simpson was simply too much for anyone with the tiniest lingering sense of shame. And Ken Levine agrees.

To contact Ms. Regan you don’t call her, you drive by her street corner and roll down your window.

If only Nancy Grace could have gotten in the action, and made it a three-way.