‘Fox and Friends’ Hosts and Guest Scientist Exchange Insults After Segment Didn’t Go as Planned

Fox smears science editor as a ‘coward’ after he exposes network’s climate change ban

An appearance by a Scientific American editor Michael Moyer, on Wednesday’s “Fox & Friends” morning show has left the hosts of the show and Mr. Moyer hurling insults at one another via every channel imaginable — TV, blog post, Twitter, etc.

The plan had been for Moyer to appear on the show to discuss scientific trends that might impact the future. The first thing that came to Moyer’s mind, he told Business Insider, was climate change, but he says that the producers asked him to steer clear of that controversial subject, requesting he replace that talking point “with something else.”

Then things slowly fell apart.

While this direction rubbed Moyer the wrong way, he agreed to do the spot anyway in order to share cool science with whomever will listen.” He even seemed excited about the prospect of appearing on the show, promoting his appearance with a tweet that read:

But after the segment, during which his hosts spend an inordinate amount of time musing about whether there may be football on other planets, the frustrated Moyer took to Twitter again, this time outing the network for preventing him from talking about climate change (and also letting some insults fly).

Moyer also wrote a blog post explaining the context of his tweets and detailing his side of the story.

In response, the hosts of “Fox & Friends” used their Thursday show to hit back at Moyer, calling him a “coward,” and showing a picture of his face while the Cindi Lauper song “True Colors” played in the background. The hosts continued to plead their own case and mourn being “stabbed in the back” throughout a segment that lasted about 20% longer than Moyer’s actual appearance.

We can’t say anyone involved took the classy route here — but hey, the whole debacle could be seen as a pretty well-timed tribute to “Mean Girls” on its 10th anniversary, so we guess there’s that.