“Fox and Friends” Continues to Lower the Bar


Fox and Friends happily reported a fake story about ham being used as a method of torment to Muslim students. Creepy bully cackles surely followed. Turns out the story was a parody. They got sued. The judge threw it out.

But failure to investigate before publishing, “even when a reasonably prudent person would have done so, is not sufficient to establish reckless disregard,” the judge concluded. “The First Amendment protects journalists even when they are gullible.”

Couldn’t he have made an exception just this once?! He did by calling them ‘journalists’.

For more on the story go to our sibling blog TVNewser.

While we’re on the topic, we also want to mention Robert Niles’s piece on Online Journalism Review:

My students complained about the titillation – fear-mongering crime reports, salacious coverage of the entertainment industries, reporters and anchor people glammed up to look like models. And when TV reports covered more serious issues, including politics, they result as little more than propaganda – talking points served up from two sides, with no analysis testing the claims, beyond petty insults.