FOX 5’s Tony Perkins ‘Out’ As Redskins Fan

After Sunday’s loss to the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers, many Redskins fans were understandably upset with the performance of their beloved football team. FOX 5’s Tony Perkins, however, seems to have renounced his fandom entirely via Twitter.

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As a Redskins fan myself, this is truly blasphemous, however, I can completely sympathize with the frustration surrounding this team.  Although I don’t agree with abandonment, as a hopeless DC sports fan, distancing one’s self emotionally from this team seems prudent, and simply better for one’s own sanity.

Perkins is not the only one upset. Instead of abandoning hope for the future, some fans and experts turned to anger. CSN Washington analyst and former Redskins’ pro bowler, Brian Mitchell, was furious following the loss and went on a well-deserved rant which spared no one.

Whether dealing with this grief through anger or pragmatic desertion, getting sucked back into this team’s shady dealings is always a possibility, as Perkins pointed out. “I keep getting pulled back in,” he said last night on FOX 5, “like everybody else, something happens, you know. Joe Gibbs comes back, you get pulled back in, RG3 is here, you get pulled back in. Frankly, when I look at it objectively, I don’t have a lot of hope for this team.”

Well Tony, Al Pacino probably said it best…