FOX 11 Reporter Trash Talks Occupy LA, Spreads Misinformation

Fox 11’s Gigi Graciette reported on the Occupy LA eviction yesterday by sorting through the remaining debris around City Hall, including what Graciette suggested, with zero evidence, were guerrilla chemical weapons. In her report, she said:

Do you see the LAPD wearing hazmat suits? They had heard that there were urine-filled bottles and that they may be tossed at them… I saw this last night in the dark… they’re water bottles, and they’re filled with – I don’t know if it’s ammonia, it’s a foamy white liquid. There are dozens and dozens of these. We actually saw a guy kick one towards cops last night!

She also Tweeted the following:

Former fishie Tina Dupuy took Graciette to task for her lazy reporting over at Crooks & Liars:

The white liquid is more than likely Maalox. They had it on site because it is supposed to neutralize the pain of pepper spray and tear gas.

Gigi doesn’t know and didn’t find out what that mysterious white liquid was in those water bottles … instead of being hesitant to make accusations or start any rumors – she just does it without pause. I saw her there at around 11pm – she was there all night and never asked anyone what it was before she went live?!

To date, the LAPD has issued no reports of being attacked by Occupy LA protesters wielding ammonia, sour milk, or antacids. And Graciette has issued no apologies for spreading false rumors.