KTTV Adds Orange County Reporter

A few weeks into her new job at FOX 11, Alexandra Limon (pictured) is already busy covering all manner of both serious and frivolous OC news.

For a recent story about lingering tensions in Anaheim after a pair of fatal police shootings last summer, Limon noted a striking coincidence involving the mother of one of the victims:

On Saturday [May 18], just by chance, [Joel] Acevedo’s mother Donna pulled her car up right next to a police car driven by Kelly Phillips, the officer who killed her son.

“I stopped for a few seconds and I told him ‘Why are you here? Why don’t you work somewhere else?'” Donna Acevedo told FOX 11 News.

Limon also had the details over the holiday about a massive baby girl born at Whittier Hospital (see below). Before joining KTTV this month, Limon worked for KIRO-TV in Seattle, KGPE Fresno, Telemundo in Albuquerque and the CW/Azteca stations in Reno.