Fox’s Ed Henry Get Defensive on Twitter

By Piranhamous

Working for Fox News has to be both rewarding and stressful. Rewarding in knowing you are reaching the largest audience on cable news by far, larger than your competitors (CNN & MSNBC) combined, but stressful in that you are always a target for attacks by activist liberals. If you only think one applies, that will tell you all you need to know about where you are on the political spectrum.

Fox News Chief White House Correspondent and noted fan of himself, Ed Henry, decided to tackle this paradigm in a brief Twitter seminar on journalism.

Class convened just after 5 p.m. Saturday and consisted of the following lessons:

  • “Cheat sheet: When I quote admin officials directly, of course you’ll hear THEIR side. Doesn’t mean I agree or disagree, reporting THEIR case”
  • “Same when I quote Repubs criticizing the President; doesn’t mean I agree with their criticism. Fair to report their case on these issues too”
  • “Also it would be stupid not to report the President got a victory here — not an opinion — fact: he pushed hard for tax cut, getting it”
  • “Also would be dumb not to report that the Republicans got some victories, got POTUS to back down on surtax, Pipeline”

So welcome to “Journalism 101” with Professor Ed. The next class in this major could be called “Journalism 102 – the “duh” factor.” Both are zero credit courses and the syllabus consists exclusively of autographed headshots of Ed exhibiting variations of his take on the “blue steel” look.

If it’s any consolation, we still love you Ed. Though not as much as you love yourself.