Foursquare’s Selvadurai Wants to Make Things Easier for Users

Foursquare co-founders Selvadurai and Dennis Crowley in a 2010 Gap ad.

After taking the stage at this morning’s Social Media Week press conference, I had the chance to speak with Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai one-on-one about the goals for 2011. The keyword he used was “easier.”

“Easier to get on board, easier to use” were two of the themes for this year he told me.

This will be important for continued growth of the site.

Just recently, I spoke with Kaplow CEO Liz Kaplowabout how Foursquare could be useful for a wider audience. She talked about the consumer experience, which Selvadurai also emphasized as a way of reaching that “second layer of people” beyond the early adopter.

The site is about “sharing information about the places you go, the things you get, and leading you to a new experience,” he said. By making it easier the social network will also be “more actionable.”

[Image via Mashable.]