Foursquare Selects Kaplow as AOR

Foursquare has selected Kaplow PR as AOR, providing media relations and messaging services and executing an education campaign about the uses of the application. Foursquare didn’t issue an RFP, but selected Kaplow out of a group of seven agencies, Foursquare PR manager Erin Gleason told PRWeek.

Gleason went on to say that the firm was chosen for its history with tech and consumer PR. Kaplow also opened a West coast office in June, and the East coast/West coast capability played a role in their selection. Nissa Anklesaria, an SVP with Kaplow, said this is one of the first clients that the firm has “brought on board to leverage both offices.”

In speaking about the work, Anklesaria said the education portion will focus on “how to optimize” Foursquare for all situations, whether it’s small businesses, large companies, or consumers.

And even though Foursquare is an online company, the publicity effort will focus on both digital and traditional tactics and strategies.

“Foursquare is an online company but it helps you navigate the offline world,” Anklesaria said. “There’s a variety of channels that Foursquare can employ.”

Foursquare received $20 million in funding this summer. When PRNewser spoke with Gleason about how much of the company’s money would be spent on beefing up the PR and marketing staff, she said:

Hiring is definitely one of our top priorities right now — we’re primarily focusing on hiring more engineers, but I’m sure we’ll be expanding other teams as well over the next few months. No concrete plans right now…

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