foursquare Salutes Users for Earning Those Hangovers

foursquare continues to add more and more badges for users of the location-based mobile app to earn, and it offered details on some of its new badges in a post on its blog:

We’ve been rolling out a bunch of new things lately and, thus, haven’t spent much time talking about our core foursquare badges. Time for some badge love: We roll out a ton of these, and they’re broken up into two groups. First, we have the surprise ones, which users unlock when they do certain things. While we don’t really talk about these, you’ll probably see stories or Tweets about them.

The other type are badges we use to encourage and reward certain behaviors. Think the Gym Rat badge, which helps motivate and reward people for going to the gym. Here are a few of the many we’ve introduced recently:

Dog’s Best Friend — for frequenting dog parks.

Great Outdoors — for getting out to parks to breathe in some fresh air.

Swimmies — for the aquatic-minded.

9 to 5 — for those of us in the weekly grind.

Hangover — we’re not encouraging hangovers, but are happy to salute people who keep on trucking!

Ski Bum — to commemorate your trips up the mountain.