Foursquare Marks First Extraterrestrial Check-In

Foursquare has just announced the first check-in by someone out of the Earth's orbit, creating a NASA Explorer badge to commemorate the event.

Not very long ago in a galaxy not very far away, humankind witnessed its very first check-in in space. Foursquare has just announced the first check-in by someone out of the Earth’s orbit. In partnership with NASA, Foursquare has created a new badge to commemorate this event, and mark the day that “geo”-location became “extraterrestrial”-location. And, to make us Earth-bound Foursquare users feel like we’re in on the action too, they are releasing this badge at special locations around the planet. Find out how you can earn the NASA badge, and the details of this space check-in below.

Today, the Foursquare blog announced that Commander Douglas H. Wheelock of Expedition 25 checked in using Foursquare at the International Space Station, unlocking the NASA Explorer badge in the process. This was the first check-in from space, and the first time this badge has been given out. In excitement after receiving the badge, Commander Wheelock tweeted:

According to Foursquare, the NASA Explorer badge will be available at several space-related locations throughout the world. There are no details yet on how to get the badge, but they recommend that users follow NASA on Foursquare for updates.

They also note that Expedition 26 Commander Scott Kelly, whose mission is set to dock at the International Space Station later in the year, is welcome to check-in and receive the badge himself – and that this might just set off the most heated run for mayor that any location has ever seen.

While checking in from space will likely remain a novelty for the time being, it does beg the question of where else people might check in other than on land. How about under water locations, like hidden coves or coral reefs? Or maybe Foursquare will start making badges for reaching the peaks of mountains or the middle of Amazonian rainforests. With space as a conquered check-in frontier, what’s next?