Foursquare Launches Notifications On Android

Foursquare has been eagerly working to have users see it for more than just a check-in app, and today they made another step in that direction by introducing Notifications. The notifications provide updates about what your Foursquare friends are doing, if there are new comments or photos for one of your check-ins, or whether you have been ousted as mayor.

Another interesting part about the new Notifications feature in Foursquare is that it is being released for Android before the iPhone. Previously, Foursquare had been releasing new features first in their iPhone app, and then later on Android and Blackberry. Android users might take this as another sign of Android’s growing dominance in the smartphone market, but there are many reasons why Foursquare Notifications is appearing on Android first, such as Apple just hasn’t approved the new version yet.

In the new version of the Foursquare app, Android users see a notification flag at the top right of the app. The flag includes a count of the number of notifications you have and you tap the flag to open the notifications page. A new Notification Settings section exists in the app’s settings, where you can mute notifications, and specify what you want to be notified about. You not only can control the Foursquare app notifications, but also the e-mail notifications you have already been receiving.

Android users who already have Foursquare on their phone should receive a Android Market notification that the update is available. If you don’t have Foursquare on your Android phone, you can install it from the Android Market.