Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley on Processing User Feedback

With all of the buzz around social media monitoring, how “customer service is the new PR” and how social media and customer relationship management are merging to form “Social CRM,” one would think that Foursquare, one of the most well-known social networks, would have an elaborate process for managing customer feedback, right? Wrong.
The company keeps things pretty simple, but still stays in tune with its nearly 1.8 million users. Foursquare co-founder and CEO Dennis Crowley explains in a feature interview published today:

How do you handle suggestions from users, like if someone has an idea for a badge?
We built a forum a while ago, almost like a year ago. We still go through it pretty regularly, maybe once or twice a month. And now we’re structured to the point that we have these badge meetings that go on twice every week, and occasionally we’ll go through the queue and pull out four or five good ideas and try to push those out.

Don’t worry brands and agencies: you’re maybe not as far behind as you think you are. Read the full interview here.