Four Years Until We Get To Meet Goleo’s Replacement


What better way to celebrate the closing of the 2006 World Cup by looking at the 2010 World Cup and saying the first thing that comes to mind: “That looks like a frog jumping over a pork chop.” That was just one of the many seemingly disappointed responses to the recently rolled out logo design for the 2010 games in South Africa. Save for the people who had a vested, well-connected interest in the whole thing, like coaches and the heads of Fifa and the like, from what we’ve read so far, the reaction from we laypeople mirrors what we read in this article, from “I don’t like it” to “Geez. The German one was kinda stupid. This one just stinks” (these are the kinds of super-articulate, Pulitzer-candidates we hang out with). What do we think? Well, we do like the movement lines in the background, but we do also think it looks like the guy is slipping on that bigger ball under his foot and maybe, just maybe, might kick the football by some happy accident. Also, does the purple-ish, larger portion at the bottom, where the Fifa World Cup part is, kind of remind you of the Intel logo in some way? Maybe it’s the same basic rectangle shape of the whole thing.

But really, was the original bid logo much better to begin with?