Four Ways to Spring Clean Your Career

Okay, we know it may be kind of trite but what could be more metaphorical than spring cleaning your career than the arrival of spring this week?

1. Revamp that resume. Even if you’re not job hunting, few things can be as powerful as powering up your CV.

That is, make it ready for circulation even if you’re not looking. It’s your ticket to the next step in your career so even if you don’t send it out right away to a few contacts, might as well dust it off, update it to your current job and make a few tweaks.

2. Clean out that closet — literally! As you clean your home, it may be time to ditch some old suits and bring in some new colorful threads that really pop. You don’t need to spend a fortune to put a little spring in your step. And while we’re at it, not only should your clothes be current, they should be comfortable. Why not treat yourself to a new pair of comfortable shoes? Comfort is key but so is confidence. Ever notice that sometimes you walk a little bit taller, a little bit more self-assured when you’re wearing something that makes you feel good in your skin?

3. Take stock of your career path and ambitions. Maybe go for a long run on the treadmill or take a yoga class. Whatever the venue, it matters not. Spring is typically marked by fresh flowers, cut grass and symbolically, new beginnings. Really take stock of your own career. What is helping you on a daily basis? What’s holding you back? Maybe in some cases it’s a matter of who — boss got you down? Colleagues?

How can you get to the next level and most importantly, what do you need to let go of in order to get there? Just some food for thought. You don’t need to answer it this very moment but rather, ask yourself the questions and be comfortable sitting on it and letting answers perculate when you’re ready to hear them.

4. Go get ’em! Once you’ve taken internal stock, it’s time to move ahead! Look, life is pretty short and seasons roll into the next into the next and next thing and if you have concrete goals, there’s no use sitting on them, right? Take advantage of the sunlight and bursts of energy to have a carpe diem action plan. Make specific goals with actionable items. And then — here’s the kicker — chip away at them! Do them. Go for it!

And even though warmer temps and temptations to be outside instead of in may thwart your efforts, make a commitment to create an action plan in terms of networking and goal setting in general and stick to it.