Four Ways to Rock an Elevator Pitch

Want to create a stellar elevator pitch that will open doors? According to a piece published by Boston, a successful one will not only grab the attention of the listener, it will lay out a solution, adjust to the audience and of course, demand action as well.

For job seekers in the media, of course, this entails being succinct with the pitch and grabbing the listener’s attention.

Lennox Chase writes in the piece, “A tagline is a terrific means to arousing interest. An example is, ‘We are the XYZ of the widget industry.’ Your tagline should be comprised of your core purpose and grab your audience’s attention…A straightforward description of your services, products or skills delivered in 30 seconds or less is the ideal length of your message.”

For freelancers and full-time job seekers alike, it’s important to sell your brand; in essence, selling yourself. In doing so, Chase writes in the piece the pitch “must be a solution that resolves a primary need.” In other words, it’s not so much what you can provide but how you can fill their needs, fill the holes, and answer their nagging problems.

The key is not being so steadfast in the pitch that it’s not subject to change. After all, each prospective client or employer may have different needs.

Lastly, tying a bow on the pitch entails enticing the listener to act. Whether it’s scheduling a follow up meeting or asking to meet key decision makers, it’s inappropriate to outright ask for a job. What is important is simply continuing the conversation.

Chase reminds us in the article: “Your elevator pitch is a way to lay a foundation of mutuality that creates the potential for a long-term relationship.”