Four Ways to Keep Your Career Authentic and Uniquely You

vision2Have you ever been at work and wondered how you got there? Not in terms of the daily commute but literally how you ended up where you are today? Or how it may not always feel like “you” all of the time and who you are?

This piece on Huffington Post helps clarify things. While its scope is about staying true to yourself, we simply have to apply this to careers. Considering we spend so many hours of the day working, if it’s not reflective of who we are, then who are we truly?

This embodies different situations, too. Maybe your job feels like a natural fit and that you’re on the right path but maybe you have an unethical boss who asks you to do things like concoct quotes from faux sources or expense meals on the company’s dime that aren’t legitimate. Let’s take a look at the following pointers:

1. Stay true to your core values. The more success you experience, the easier it may be to get caught up in the whirlwind. As the piece mentions, you may begin to feel pressure to make decisions that conflict with your core values: “Remember that you are your strongest asset, stand by your decisions and do what you feel is right.”

2. Maintain solid and true friendships. They’ll be there for you when your personal stock is soaring and even better, they’ll be there when it dips from time to time. You can rely on them for a good laugh and their honesty.

3. Remember where you came from. What could be more sincere than respecting your roots? Remind yourself of who you are and what you stand for. This could mean tracing back your values to your distant ancestors or even relying on the people who “raise you up when you need a boost.”

4. Be yourself. The piece points out, “Staying true to yourself doesn’t always mean you’ll choose the popular path, but it does mean that you’ll follow your instincts and will let your personal values guide your choices in life.”