Four Ways to Infuse Life Back Into Your Job Search

Feeling stalled? Got the winter blues? A bit down and out? All of the above? You’re not alone.

Considering job hunting doesn’t happen quickly and it’s a marathon, not a sprint, there are a few ways to keep your eye on the prize.

1. Celebrate mini victories. In job searching, interviewing, negotiating and closing your own deal, we need all the patience we can get. It takes time as well as persistence and in the end the only real tangible thing to hold onto is the job offer. So, how can you hold onto sticktuitiveness for the end goal when that’s the only thing that may seem to matter and it’s nowhere in sight?

You’ll need to focus on little victoris, like a mini-marathon if you will. Did you plan to schedule three networking meetings within two weeks and actually do it? Celebrate! Did you ace an interview and regardless of the outcome know deep down you gave it your best? Party it up! And by party we mean acknowledge your focus, determination and success in little celebratory ways.

Treat yourself to a nice lunch, get a mani/pedi, splurge on something that doesn’t even need to be related to spending a lot of money. Maybe it’s the gift of time and a long bubble bath or sleeping in late on the weekend.

2. Rely on family and friends for encouragement. There’s nothing wrong with telling your significant other you’re a little down and need some encouragement. Why not rally the troops? And it’s not a call out of desperation either and you certainly don’t need a pity party. Instead, just make it clear that you’re feeling a little blue with the job search since finding the right fit takes time and you need them to cheer you on.

Some people like being asked about their search because they want to talk about it and it shows interest on the other person whereas others don’t want to talk about it if they don’t have results. Just because someone doesn’t ask doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

Net net: Simply let your loved ones know how you’d like them to cheer you on. If you want them to ask repeatedly, mention that’ll help keep you on task. If not, just say when you have newsworthy items to share, they’ll be the first to know.

3. Volunteer. It’s amazing how volunteering goes a long way. Yes, essentially you’re giving something back to the community but it’s such a win-win because in the end, you’ll feel really good about donating your time and services. Even something as little as donating an hour of your time to work at a local soup kitchen will do wonders to your spirits.

4. Speaking on spirits, rely on your spirituality. And if you’re not into it, no worries there. Surround yourself with positive books, blogs, and most of all — people. Yes, job searching can be daunting especially if you have a job and you’re trying to juggle performing well at work while making strides on the new job hunt. And as much as you’re trying to make things happen sometimes you can do all that you can do and just wait to hear back. Learning to sit still in itself could be more daunting for some than getting it done; this is where stillness and spirituality come into play.

In addition, if you keep those spirits up as well as off the job search 24/7 such as hitting the treadmill, basketball court or practice a new recipe in the cucina, you’ll realize it’s just part of what you’re doing right now and it doesn’t define you.