Four Ways to Handle Boredom and Feeling Overqualified on the Job

Big yawn.

Let’s face it now — sometimes we’re overqualified for our current job, completely bored or experience a combination of both. As for the good news, you’re not alone. As for the other good news? There are a few ways to handle it to put a spring back into your step as you realize this is merely temporary.

1. View your career in chapters. Hilary Pearl, founder of executive coaching firm Pearl Associates, told The New York Times to remind yourself it’s a temporary situation. “Tell yourself the current situation isn’t the end of your career. Don’t overdramatize the negative aspects but try to view the situation more philosophically: life is a series of phases, and this is one of them.”

2. Look at it as a gift. For real. If you’re overqualified and you can zone out most of the time and still do a stellar job, maybe you can learn other aspects of the business or volunteer for special projects to boost your resume. Eileen Zimmerman wrote in the piece, “Seek tasks and responsibilities that force you to learn something new or to work harder.”

3. Channel your positivity. Instead of dwelling in the negative — and yes, we know this sounds so very Pollyanna of us — but why not leverage this as an opportunity to reframe your thoughts?

4. Focus on things you enjoy doing outside of work. Whether you’re in a book club, play tennis or hockey, it’s all good. Just think — the low maintenance job and responsibilities gives your mind the freedom to roam and enjoy pursuing your out-of-office pursuits. Plus, you can always volunteer in your community and take up a new hobby or personal goal like training for a mini-marathon.