Four Ways to Court Your Media Career

Whether we like it or not, dating is certainly analogous with the job search process. Meeting and greeting various prospects, marketing onesself and then of course, closing the deal!

We caught up with Shawn Graham, marketing consultant for small businesses and author of Courting Your Career for the inside scoop on how to court your media career.

1. Know your type. Shawn explains, “Self-awareness is a critical part of any job search but can be even more crucial for the media industry. Given the hypercompetitive nature of the hiring process, you have to be able to identify and articulate what it is you’re looking for based on your unique skills, interests, and abilities.”

2. Play the field. This means reaching out to friends of friends, alumni from your college or university, and others before you apply to any openings. This will allow you to actually wear your journalism hat during the job search process! You’ll gather information from reliable sources, assess, and then reference them during interviews to “signal to recruiters that you ‘get it.'”

3. Turn heads. “Attraction is what makes the dating world go round,” Shawn says. “And when it comes to the courting your media career, attraction can be just as important. From writing samples, video clips, to how you dress during your interview, if you look the part, you’ll often get the part.”

4. Go for the goodnight kiss. Ah, the end of an interview. It could be somewhat awkward, right? Shawn notes, “You’re often nervous, often wondering whether the person you’re with wants to give you a romantic goodnight kiss, the ‘let’s be friends’hug, or the always disappointing ‘don’t call me; I won’t call you’ handshake.”

While Graham adds “you’ll never, and I repeat never, actually go for a goodnight kiss during a job interview,” he recommends sealing the deal by reaffirming your interest in the position, highlighting key skills or experiences that you forgot to mention earlier, and asking about next steps in the interview process.