Four Ways to Chill Out Before an Interview

We know it all too well and at one point or another, we’ve all been there, done that.

Sweaty palms, excited, nervous, and a ball of anxiety overall.

Well, when it comes to acing an interview we’re pretty sure the best way to succeed is to act calm, cool and collected.

By incorporating a “never let ’em see you sweat” mentality, you’ll be in better shape to think coherently and exude a confident presence.

1. Picture yourself as the interviewer. Seriously. For starters, recognize that your interview may be the highlight of your day, the end all and be all let’s say on a Thursday, but to the interviewer it’s merely a 30 minute time block out of his or her hectic schedule.

Better yet, it’s in their best interest to select the best candidate and make a hiring decision soon. They’re not out to get you; rather, they’re out to get you in the door! By hiring a stellar candidate, this hopefully means less work on their plate.

2. Prepare. As inspired by a piece in CareerBuilder, Dr. Linda Smith-Gaston, career advisor at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, says, “Preparation is 90 percent of success in job interviews.” Why not role play with a friend prior to the interview to get those jitters out of the way? Prepare to answer common interview questions such as “Why do you want to work here?” and “Why should we hire you?”

Plus, it never hurts to do research on the prospective employer. She adds, “You should always know what the company actually does before the interview.”

3. Plan your day around the interview. This one sounds simple enough, right? Figure out how to get there and leave plenty of time. And then leave even more time for traffic jams and other delays.

4. De-stress prior to the interview. Let’s say you arrive on time and just checked in with the receptionist. Why not try visualizing a successful interview by simply closing your eyes? Another idea is to do a deep breathing exercise. Just don’t be so obvious that you’re doing your favorite yoga pose in the reception area, okay?