Four Ways to Channel Your Inner Entrepreneur On the Job

For media folks like us, even with a day job there’s no use of getting rid of an entrepreneurial mind set. In fact, it seems like it’s more beneficial than not to fully own one’s career even with a steady paycheck. Every byline technically is part of our brand.

As for freelancers, well there’s always the power of the hustle in owning their endeavors. Here are four ways to get into the zeal of the entrepreneurial spirit.

According to The Daily Muse, one of the main ways to channel this energy is to simply get passionate about your work! Doreen Block writes, “So, if you’re spending most of the day dreaming about how you’d rather be doing something else, think about how you might be able to “pivot” your career.”

For instance, taking stock of your passions and skill set to see if it may be applied to another part of the media world or even another department internally.

Next up, it pays to be bothered by inefficiency. Block says entrepreneurs “don’t have a high tolerance for inefficiency — and because they don’t have corporate red tape to cut through, they can fix these types of problems quickly.”

So, if you have a day job and red tape is causing some headaches, maybe there are ways to recommend process improvements to thereby decrease other headaches as well.

Third, she recommends taking more risks! She writes, “One thing that sets many entrepreneurs apart from the average professional is their appetite for risk. No, putting yourself out there isn’t easy—but a business owner knows that you have to give it a shot (or, many shots), and that you’ll scoop up bigger rewards when those risks pay off.”

If you have a day job, taking a small risk could equate to volunteering to work on a big project in addition what’s already on your plate or simply stretching yourself outside your comfort zone. Whether the pay off equates to gaining new skills or collaborating with new colleagues, at least it will likely put a spring in your step the same ways entrepreneurs get juiced.

Lastly, as entrepreneurs frequently let their imaginations run free as they brainstorm new ideas, so should you! Block recommends scheduling time to brainstorm and have fun while doing it.

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