Four Ways to Build Trust With Colleagues

generationsIf you’re the new guy or gal in the office or even if you’ve been there a while, chances are someone else is new or there’s a new power play going on.

The key to surviving and thriving, of course, is building trust with colleagues. That trust may not always be easy to identify when others are likely focused on themselves and their own success, not yours.

Per a USA Today piece, there are several ways to figure out who is honest in your office, as per David DeSteno, Northeastern University psychology professor and author of The Truth About Trust.

1. Look for several cues. Don’t rely on just one. If you’re assessing someone based on their shifty eyes, he suggests looking for more cues that express a more general representation of someone’s internal motivations and thoughts.

2. Don’t rely exclusively on your gut. He explains in the piece, “It also has much more practice in using this knowledge. Don’t disregard your hunches as some irrational feeling or intuition but give them serious consideration.”