Four Unique Jobs for Millennials

love my jobHappy Friday one and all! If you’re a job seeker and you’re a Millennial, we have a treat for you. The folks at SheFinds outlined a few quirky jobs of potential interest to this generation.

1. Digital recipe producer. Like food? Good. Like to write? Great. Add some tech savviness to the mix and a pinch of HTML and you’re good to go.

2. Beer editor. Want to spend your days writing, researching and guzzling beer in the name of work? That may be your jam. Or in this case, your brew. Some magazines and local pubs (get it? Pubs? Ha!) may have beer opportunities in addition to food reviews though the quintessential pub for this is Draft magazine.

3. Futurist. Sounds cool, right? This market researcher is a visionary at the same time and responsibility for looking at trends to predict what’s going to happen next. Part of this job involves figuring out how that will impact companies.

4. Makerspace manager. Diverging from the media beat, this still sounds pretty neat to us. These folks make everyday tools and materials that aren’t only inexpensive, they’re high tech as well. Sounds like a startup situation to “make things that are inspired” by your own interests, per the piece.