Four Tips to Writing an Effective Cover Letter

job searchIt’s that time again! Yes, aside from various studies and quirky job news, it’s time to get back to basics.

You know, essentials like resumes, interviewing and oh yes – the elusive cover letter!

Job seekers often stumble upon this requirement but the cover letter doesn’t have to be an uphill battle every time you submit that resume. There are a few simple tips to keep in mind while crafting a quintessential cover letter:

1. Be succinct. Recruiters have hundreds upon hundreds of resumes and cover letters to read. Don’t make your cover letter a novel. Two or three paragraphs should summarize your passion and enthusiasm for the role along with your ability to fill the employer’s need. 2. Be accurate. Check that grammar and ensure it’s free of typos. And customized for that particular role and company. The more specific, the better. In other words, throw generic cover letters out the window.

3. It’s all about them. Yes, you should highlight key achievements along with relevant skills and experience but remember, the employer is reviewing your cover letter through their own eyes. How will you become an asset? Essentially, why should they hire you? Or in this case, at least grant an office interview?

4. Don’t agonize. Need proof? When we worked in recruiting, on most days we didn’t even review cover letters! Check that, we didn’t even open the attachments in the system. <Gasp.>

There simply weren’t enough hours in the day to review resumes, let alone cover letters. If a resume wasn’t relevant to the job, we knew the cover letter certainly wasn’t going to be relevant either. And if the CV was a slam dunk, chances were the cover letter was spot on as well.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Create a cover letter in your own voice that speaks to the company and then hit save.