Four Tips to a Killer Handshake

It’s often overlooked but oh-so-important. That’s right,we’re talking about the handshake!

If you’ve ever shaken the hand of someone who’s a bit clammy, your immediate thought may not resonate with a sense of confidence and assertiveness, right? After all, we tend to evaluate someone on their paws. Thanks to this post on Psychology Today, there are a few things to remember about a killer handshake.

1. Eye contact. This one’s not so much about the shake itself but the eyes. Avoid distractions and remain focused on the other person’s eyes as well.

2. Dry hands. Sounds simple enough, right? The piece points out, “There is nothing wrong with having a handkerchief in you hand as you wait or wiping them on the back of the leg just before you shake hands. If it is really bad, you can Botox the hands and that works very effectively.”

3. Dominant handshaking. When someone twists your hand or shakes it a bit too strongly, you have to wonder what’s the purpose of doing that? Seriously. The piece suggests, “Don’t do it and if someone does it to you just say, ‘Let’s do it properly this time without the theatrics this time.’ The only thing this kind of handshake achieves is it leaves you with a negative impression and makes you wonder just how much of a social aardvark this person seems to be.”

4. Probing handshake. Wonder what exactly this is? It’s all about the other person’s index finger pressing against your wrist. Not exactly that warm ‘n fuzzy feeling now, is it? This is one way to not have a killer handshake. Instead, just grip the other hand firmly.

The overall key? Try not to be dominant with the other hand. After all, the goal is to make the other person feel comfortable and engage in a conversation, not be irked by an awkward shake.