Four Things to Negotiate Other Than Salary

Let’s face it: When you get that coveted job offer, salary is typically one of the most important items on your list.

“Show me the money!” you exclaim in your head as you hear the verbal offer being extended.

Well, there are several other things your employer can provide in addition to salary. If you focus on negotiating the salary as the numero uno priority and you’re not getting anywhere, there are other areas where employers may offer more flexibility.

1. Your title. As mentoined in a piece, secretary may lack a certain somethin’ somethin’. As for “corporate executive assistant?” Now you’re talking. Inquire about tweaking the title to reflect your new workload and remember, this won’t cost the company a dime.

2. Commuting reimbursement. Some companies actually offer a stipend as part of their benefits packages, others don’t. Why not ask to see if this may be added into your offer?

3. Tuition reimbursement. Even something as small as attending a three-hour conference may be worth your while to negotiate. Simply ask if they will pay the bill or provide a tuition allowance ranging from workshops to seminars to an advanced degree. The worst they can do is say no. Your selling point, of course is that it makes you a more valuable employee to the company.

4. Additional vacation time! Who wouldn’t want this? The piece suggests, “Getting a few extra vacation days to lie on a white sandy beach staring at crystal blue water might be worth more to you than a higher salary.”