Four Things to Do Before the End of Every Work Day

Per a piece on Forbes, there are several things to do at the end of every work day. And in the spirit of another Monday coming to a close, here we go:

1. Review your to-do list. Go ahead and evaluate it. Per the piece, Anita Attridge, career and executive coach with the Five O’Clock Club pointed out,  “If you aren’t satisfied with where you are, plan what you need to do and when you will do it so you don’t get further behind.”

Plus, if there’s something quick on the list that you can easily do on the list to knock it off the to-do’s, go ahead and do it before you leave.

2. Peruse tomorrow’s schedule. It’s always helpful to be prepared so why not review your schedule for the following day to see if there are pertinent meetings or calls? Plus, you can schedule time on the calendar to power through any items you didn’t accomplish from today’s list.

Make sure you’re aware of any meetings or calls for the following day. You can also use this opportunity to schedule time on your calendar to accomplish any remaining items from today’s to-do list.

David Shindler told Forbes, “Some people like to visualize, make a mental or physical note of what is on their schedule first thing the next day. Think about one thing you are most looking forward to tomorrow.” The author of Learning to Leap added, “It will help you leave behind what’s happened today, enrich your current mood and help to put a full stop to your working day.”

3. Straighten up. Tidying up your work space will make you feel less frazzled the following morning. It only takes a few minutes to get rid of the trash, organize your paperwork and simply straighten up. The next morning you’ll likely feel like you’re starting off the day fresh instead of looking at a cup of cold coffee from the previous day.

While you’re at it, clean your in-box as well. The piece recommends devoting 15 minutes at the end of the day to sort through and delete, delete, delete.

4. Say good-bye. While it’s important to get into the habit of healthy routines, international business speaker Michael Kerr says this is one of them.

The president of Humor at Work told the site, “We tend to think about the importance of checking in and saying good morning to kick off the day, but we forget that it can be just as important, and make us feel good as well, to say a friendly and proper good bye to everyone rather than just silently drift off into the night. This is triply important if you are the supervisor.”