Four Signs to Stay Away From Job Search Scams

Tech Writing FIIf you’ve ever received an email from an anonymous email address telling you big cash awaits for your dream job and to apply now, listen up!

And even if you haven’t, there are still several red flags to look out for when it comes to looking for your new job. Here are a few pointers to avoid job search scams, courtesy of CBS News.

1. Very few details. A real job posting lists details about the job like requirements in terms of skills and experiences. And oh yeah, a title.

If the job listing you have is vague such as hours and responsibilities to the requirements, it’s definitely a red flag. Potential (translation: hokey) employers want to sell the flexible nature of the job but interestingly enough, they don’t reveal much about the job itself.

2. High pay with minimal effort. If something is too good to be true, it probably is! If you act now, you can get paid big bucks for doing hardly any work!

Yeah, right.

3. Upfront cash. Real jobs actually deliver payment, not the other way around. Are you buying a franchise? If so, then yes you’ll dole out some cash. But if you’re not and you’re seeking employment, don’t get bamboozled by having to pay into a slick job scam.

The piece points out: “Don’t be fooled by slick claims, testimonials or “guaranteed programs” designed to make you rich. If they’re asking for money in advance to get a job, they’re likely to be crooks.”

4. Revealing personal information. To complete an employment application, it’s not uncommon to include your social security number and your home address but to provide that information over the phone to a faux recruiter? So not cool. Identity theft, anyone?

Be very wary of providing any personal information too early in the process. Research the company thoroughly before sharing more information aside from your name and phone number.