Four Questions With Eat The Press’ Rachel Sklar

After two and a half years at the Huffington Post, Rachel Sklar, the site’s Eat The Press writer, is leaving to finish her book and pursue the other desires of her Canadian heart. Earlier today, we caught up with the former FishbowlNYer via email and she discussed the rumors of her rift with Arianna Huffington, her continued love of the media and her post-election plans.

1) In his post, Ryan Tate wrote “some insiders said they noticed Sklar appeared to have been pulled back from her television appearances in recent months.” Was this by design?
Honestly — the networks know where to find me. (Hi networks! I’m over here!) But I actually have been doing TV pretty regularly — it’s just not my main job, never has been. But it’s a great part of my job, and something I definitely hope to continue. I’m actually doing Reliable Sources this weekend.

2) The election is 20 days away. Will you stay at HuffPo through it, or are you leaving immediately? If you’re leaving immediately, why now?
Staying through the election for sure! Who would get off this ride NOW? I’ll stay a week or so after to wind up — still figuring that out. I have a few things I would like to do to finish up with a flourish. Actually not entirely sure what they are going to do with ETP — but it’s there, and we’ve got great people like Danny Shea and Jason Linkins on media (UPDATE: Linkins with write ETP), and with more and more video making its way online it seems like content would not be the problem. So we’ll see. I’ll always have it bookmarked. And I plan to keep contributing like a proud alumni. I actually am excited to do stuff in other verticals. I love our Living and Style sections (and editors).

3) Anything to the rumors of a rift between you and Arianna?
I’ve always had a fabulous relationship with Arianna — she likes to say to me, “You are like my leetle seester.” (I can’t do her accent, it always comes out semi-Transylvanian). She’s a great role model and is always awake for my 3 a.m. emails. I fully expect all of that to continue.

4) Any plans after finishing the “goddamn book”? Do you want to stay in the media?
Have you met me? OBVIOUSLY. I love this industry, and so many of the people in it. And it couldn’t be a more exciting time. I am having FUN. Yes, I plan to stay in it.